Built In Brooklyn: Farmigo Brings Local Produce To Schools, Offices, And Homes

The company was initially based on the West Coast, and it still has team members there (as well as in Tel Aviv, Israel). But two years ago, Farmigo’s headquarters, as well as its founder and CEO Benzi Ronen, moved across the country to Brooklyn, giving us an unusual perspective for the latest episode of Built in Brooklyn.

By: Anthony Ha. Source: TechCrunch

David's Tea

What every business can learn from David’s Tea

They may not have replaced Starbucks yet, but those teal David’s Tea cups are dotting communities across North America. Call it a true Tea Party, where the main winner is a humble Montreal company that has grown to become a Canadian success story. A story that every firm can learn from, no matter their vertical.


Fluc Raises $2.3 Million To Improve The Logistics Of Food Delivery In More Markets

When it comes to food delivery, people want things fast and fresh and most of all, and increasingly they want to know when that food will get to them. Thanks to the Uber-ification of everything, being able to place an order and see when it will arrive is becoming table stakes in the on-demand economy

By: Ryan Lawler. Source: TechCrunch

Food Security

Entrepreneurs Have A Vital Role In Food Security

Stacy Bestard is an entrepreneur. Like a true entrepreneur, she is disrupting her industry by finding new and innovative ways to provide goods and services to her clients. The twist? Her clients don’t pay.

By: Ryan Spong. Source: The Huffington Post

Hampton Creek

Egg-Free Food Startup Unfazed by Mayonnaise Lawsuit

At the end of last month, Unilever, the owner of mayonnaise brands Hellman’s and Best Foods, filed a complaint in U.S. District Court in New Jersey against Hampton Creek. It alleges false advertising and fake competition by the three-year-old California startup.