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Cyclists Go Glam Into the Night

Envisioning a wardrobe that would look as good on the bike path as on the runway, Ms. Canner returned to New York, where she started Vespertine NYC, a line of fashionable bike clothing and accessories woven with 3M Scotchlite reflective accents.

By: Alex Williams. Source: The New York Times


Wildfox Couture Opens First Flagship in Sunset Plaza

DOLLHOUSE: “When I first saw this building, I thought, ‘What a beautiful house — why don’t we make it Wildfox’s house? It’s very girlie,’” said Wildfox Couture’s chief executive officer Jimmy Sommerson Thursday night at the store-opening party for the brand’s first flagship

By: Ryma Chikhoune. Source: WWD


ModCloth Hit By Second Round Of Layoffs

E-commerce retailer ModCloth has laid off additional staff across engineering, creative, product, producer, social teams and more in a second wave of layoffs. The news follows earlier cuts confirmed back in July which, at the time, affected around 70 employees, or a little under 15 percent of its then 500-person-plus workforce.

By: Sarah Perez. Source: TechCrunch


Pointers to the future

PROGNOSTICATORS have a bad record when it comes to new technologies. Safety razors were supposed to produce a clean-shaven future. Cars were expected to take off and fly. Automation was meant to deliver a life of leisure. Yet beards flourish, cars remain earthbound and work yaps at our heels.

Source: The Economist

How Everlane Succeeded in Fashion by Acting Like a Tech Company

When Michael Preysman started his online-only clothing label, Everlane, three years ago, the crowds were skeptical. The clothes were well made but relatively basic, similar to the type of goods that J.Crew had been selling for years.

By: Kristin Tice Studeman. Source:

The Arrivals

The Arrivals Is On Time To Be Your High-End Outerwear Brand

Selling a limited line of high-end outerwear, The Arrivals is the latest ticket-holder to embark on the direct-to-consumer branding voyage that has fascinated all kinds of entrepreneurs vying to be the next Ralph Lauren, Nike, or — in this case — Barbour.

By: Jonathan Shieber. Source: TechCrunch

Stitch Fix

What luxury brands can learn from fashion innovator Stitch Fix

While luxury shoppers are not searching based on value, they are on the hunt for highbrow experiences that differentiate their favorite brands. One company that has perfected this with a presence solely online is Stitch Fix.

By: Raquel Cadourcy. Source: Luxury Daily