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The service organizes one's closet and offers styling tips on how to put together one's wardrobe.

New Start-up Fitz Wants to Be in Your Closet

By Vicki M. Young. Source: WWD. New start-up Fitz — by entrepreneur Alexandra Wilkis Wilson — wants to be in your closet. The in-home concept provides for…

Elevator Pitch of the month: cotopaxi

Elevator Pitch Of The Month: Cotopaxi

By Karl Ulrich. Source: Forbes. On my radio show, Launch Pad, I talk with entrepreneurs about their startups, and once a month I choose an…

Outdoor voices opening 4 stores in 2017

Outdoor Voices to Open Four Stores in 2017

By Kari Hamanaka. Source: Glossy. GO WEST: Outdoor Voices, the young athletic brand that seeks to provide a different kind of activewear, is headed to the…