Warby Parker

Warby Parker Adds Storefronts to Its Sales Strategy

Warby Parker has made a name for itself by selling affordable, hipster-chic eyeglasses through a website, avoiding costly store expenses and licensing fees. While that business has thrived, the startup’s promising next act is taking shape in a chain of storefronts dotting trendy retail neighborhoods


The luxury-goods company Shinola is capitalizing on Detroit

This Shinola is a luxury-goods producer that chose to start up in this struggling city, and less than two years later has become an innovative giant in branding, storytelling marketing and, above all, understanding the consumer zeitgeist, what people want at this very moment.

By: Karen Heller. Source: The Washington Post

True and Co

Can the Internet Help Women Feel Better About Their Breasts?

The idea for True & Co. came to Michelle Lam during a shopping trip. She was a former principal at Bain Capital in Boston who’d moved with her husband to San Francisco in 2011. “I wasn’t intending to focus on bras until I got stuck in a lingerie store fitting room, and two hours later I walked out empty-handed,”

By: Emma Rosenblum. Source: Bloomsberg Business Week