Women’s Shoes Made From Recycled Water Bottles

Women’s Shoes Made From Recycled Water Bottles by Rothy's
By Zack Palm. Source: PSFK.

Didn’t think it’s possible to get a perfect balance of fashion and function? Think again. San Francisco residents Roth Martin and Stephen Hawthornthwaite, have launched a shoe company called Rothy’s that sells environmentally-friendly women’s footwear that fit as comfortably as a sneaker, but are as stylish as dress shoes.

The two entrepreneurs make the shoes from recycled plastic bottles and plastic by sterilizing the bottles, washing them and chipping them down into flakes, which later gets added to a filament fiber. Used for a 3D knitting machine, the fiber takes six minutes to produce the shoe. Users can even throw these shoes into their washing machine for a quick cleaning. What’s more, when the shoe reaches the end of its life cycle, Rothy’s accepts them free of charge to get recycled.

The shoes come in two designs, a flat shoe with a rounded end priced at $125 and a pointed shoe with a sharper front priced at $145.

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