These Slip-Ons Are Like Crocs for People Who Would Never Wear Crocs

Slip on Native Shoes
By Suzannah Showler.

The longer I’m alive, the more I want to be comfortable all the time. In summer, I almost exclusively drape myself in one old romper that keeps me decent while barely touching my sweaty flesh. My winter look involves wrapping all 5 foot 2 of me in what is definitely a queen-size duvet loosely holding the shape of a hoodie.

The tough part of comfort-centric styling is feet. Human feet are notoriously uncomfortable both to use and to behold. Feet are hard workers, but they’re also sad — vulnerable to more than their fair share of disgusting and painful afflictions with deceptively poetic names: callous and blister, bunion and spur, wart and corn. Plus, feet have toes, and toes have toenails, which might have been badass and useful like claws if human beings weren’t so domesticated. Instead we’ve got these creepy, useless little scabs of protein sitting on the ends of our toes that do nothing but grow and grow forever, even when you’re dead.

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