The Sensoria Smart Running Shoes bring high tech to your feet

Sensoria made a smart running shoe
By Lulu Chang.

Putting on a wearable is now as easy as putting on your shoes. Sensoria, the company behind wearables that you actually wear (think socks and other articles of clothing) has unveiled what is heralded to be the world’s first textile sensor-infused running shoe. And if that mouthful of a title piques your curiosity, you can pre-order a pair now for more than 50 percent off retail price.

The new smart running shoe may not have been made with microwaved pellets like a customizable Asics shoe, or 3D-printed like an Adidas shoe, but it is certainly special in its own way. With embedded textile pressure sensors located in the plantar area of the foot, tracking your movement has never been easier than with this particular piece of footwear. Plus, the Sensoria Smart Running Shoes have a microelectronic component called Sensoria Core, which promises to detect key metrics for biometric feedback, all in real time.

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