This Vegan Energy Drink Company Just Got $2 Million in Funding — Here’s How It Actually Tastes

This Vegan Energy Drink Company Just Got $2 Million in Funding
By Laura Entis.

To my right, a model is being stretched out by a jacked, tattooed trainer.

To my left, the founders of Revere, a health startup, are completing a rep of squats and lunges. The four of us are in the middle of a training session at The Dogpound, a gym designed for the rich, famous, or, at the very least, incredibly fit (members like Hugh Jackman and Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima check all three boxes).

The music is bumping (a Justin Bieber remix maybe?) and beautiful people in all-black, skin-tight athleisure lift and box to the beat. Meanwhile, I’m struggling: the session consists of a series of strength-building exercises. Cheating has become a survival strategy.

If I’d managed to finish my pre-workout drink, maybe I would have fared better. The nectarine-colored concoction, prepared for me by Alexandra Blodgett, Revere’s co-founder and CMO, contains a vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, powder made from “scientifically proven plant-based ingredients” (sweet potato, pomegranate, beetroot, and green tea powder) mixed with water. The resulting beverage promises to make my workout “work harder” by improving my “energy, stamina, and focus.”

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