The United States Of Food: The Most Well-Funded Food & Beverage Startups In Each State

The best funded food & bev startups across the US

While tech startups have always been concentrated in Silicon Valley, new food and beverage companies are a little more diffused. Alternative hotspots have sprung up — Colorado, for example, due in part to the influence of Colorado-based food investors such as Boulder Food Group and Boulder Investment Group Reprise (BIGR).

Following our previous mapping of the most well-funded startups in each state, we used our CB Insights database to identify the most well-funded private food and beverage startup in each state. We looked at private, active companies which have raised equity funding since 2012, and we looked solely at companies making and selling consumer packaged foods and drinks. We excluded food delivery startups and food research startups. We also excluded alcoholic beverages and wholesale food providers.

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