US Commands Majority Of Deals To Cannabis Startups

The US accounted for 84% of global deal share to cannabis companies between 2012-2016, with Canada coming in second at 13%.
By CB Insights.

Global funding to cannabis startups has skyrocketed since 2013, with 2015 and 2016 seeing over $200M in equity financing to private cannabis companies, up from only $13M in 2013. While recreational and medicinal cannabis are legal in some other countries, deals to cannabis-focused startups have been largely concentrated in North America. Together, the US and Canada make up more than 95% of equity deals to private cannabis companies.

Below we used CB Insights data to analyze how deal flow is distributed internationally, as well as within the US and Canada.

Deals by country

The US commands the large majority of global deal share to cannabis companies, at 84% of deals between 2012-2016, with Canada coming in second at 13%. While deals have taken place throughout the world, no other country makes up more than 1% of global deal share.

As Canada looks at federal legislation legalizing marijuana this year, these figures could change significantly, especially if the US changes its position on enforcement of federal marijuana laws.

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