How Sir Kensington’s Upstart Ketchup Brand Built Its Cult Following

Lessons from ketchupreneur Scott Norton on how to make your brand as engaging as a religion.

It all started with a made-up English nobleman named Sir Kensington, a character crafted by cofounders Scott Norton and Mark Ramadan when they were still in school at Brown University.

Basically, the plan was to take Heinz Ketchup and then do everything opposite, Norton told attendees of this year’s Fast Company Innovation Festival. “We said, okay, Heinz is plastic, then we’re going to do glass,” Norton says. “And if Heinz is squeezed out, let’s give ours a wide-mouthed jar and call it a scooping ketchup. And if Heinz is really quintessential Americana, with the roadside diner and the McDonald’s, then let’s be a little more rarified, a little more exotic. Let’s be English. So we created Sir Kensington.”

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