The Branding Genius Behind Shake Shack Presents Her Sequel, Tender Greens

Founder of Shake Shack hopes to win fast food again with Tender Greens
By Mark Wilson.

Most people don’t know it, but Shake Shack’s branding was created for free. Pentagram partner Paula Scher was happy to provide pro bono work to what was then a little burger joint in her local park. Less than a decade later, Shake Shack IPO’d for $100 million. In a world of cheesy fast-food marketing, its lean, modern look no doubt had something to do with Shake Shack’s success packaging its premium burger.

Shake Shack founder Danny Meyer has teamed up with Scher again in hopes that the “fast-casual restaurant brand” magic strikes twice. This time, the business is Tender Greens–the first outside business Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality group of restaurants has invested in. The new Tender Greens plays off of the shape of a “g” constructed from a crock and a plate. It’s the sort of visual scheme you’d expect in a classic print logo, but it adapts at its bottom to feature photos of dish after dish of Tender Greens’s ever-changing menu.

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