Milk Bar’s First-Ever Funding Round Could Turn the Bakery’s Founder into the ‘Next Martha Stewart’

Milk Bar raised first funding round with one investor
By Beth Kowitt.

Christina Tosi spent nine years bootstrapping Milk Bar, turning the whimsical bakery she founded and its soon-to-be 14 locations to profitable growth without taking outside investment.

“I like to figure stuff out for myself,” she tells Fortune. “That’s the spirit I have in the kitchen, too. I like to make my own set of rules.”

On Wednesday, the company is announcing that it has closed its first-ever round of funding—a Series A in which RSE Ventures was the sole investor. The companies declined to reveal the size of the investment, but RSE Ventures co-founder and CEO Matt Higgins said that it represents a “significant minority interest in the company.”

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