I Tasted The Microwave Dinner Of The Future, And It Was Delicious

The future of dinners - mircrowave makes a come back
By Mark Wilson.

David Rabie and I share a booth at an old diner. He’s sipping decaf–so enthusiastic about his new company that he doesn’t need extra chemical stimulants to energize his pitch. I’m poking at a piece of coconut cream pie, fresh from the gleaming pastry case but, upon first bite, clearly made with instant vanilla pudding and a preformed frozen pie crust.

It’s easy to forget that the diner was a revolutionary idea for its day. These budget-friendly, prefabricated buildings found a foothold in the 1920s, allowing entrepreneurs to launch their own businesses even during the Great Depression. A hundred years later, the diner sounds like an idea that could have easily emerged from a Silicon Valley startup.

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