Hampton Creek wants to scramble the egg industry with new plant-based product

Hampton Creek releases eggless eggs
By Tara Duggan.

For most of the past year, Hampton Creek has had egg on its face. Top executives tried to oust CEO Josh Tetrick in a coup, the food company’s boardroom emptied out, and Target pulled its faux mayonnaise off shelves.

The San Francisco startup is now trying to clean up its act — and get the egg off not just its face but also breakfast plates, with the help of a new board of directors, fresh funding and a new, egg-free product made from vegetable protein.

Starting Friday, diners at Flore, the Castro district restaurant, who order the $14 “Just Scramble Flore,” a dish made with sauteed spinach and mushrooms, might not realize the eggs they are eating are not from an actual chicken. They are brunching instead on a Hampton Creek plant-based product launched after nearly five years of research to figure out how to turn mung bean protein into something resembling a fluffy pile of eggs.

Read more at San Francisco Chronicle.

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