Hampton Creek obtains patent for unique plant protein scanning process

Hampton Creek raising fund while claiming Unicorn Valuation
By Megan Poinski.

Dive Brief:

  • Hampton Creek received a patent on Tuesday for its method of combining robotics, proprietary plant databases, artificial intelligence and predictive modeling to scan and identify useful plant proteins.
  • The system, internally called “Blackbird,” automates the system for researching plant proteins by breaking them down to the molecular level and searching for desirable properties — like emulsification, protein content and thermal stability.
  • “The platform is not only a game-changer for us because it helps Hampton Creek dramatically increase our discovery hit rate and our ability to bring healthier, diversified plant based products to market, but it can also help some of the largest food companies in the world (several of whom have already signed or are in the process of signing term sheets) make their products better for consumers and the planet,” the company said in a statement emailed to Food Dive.

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