Gen Z is Creating a Market for Fake Fish

GenZ is helping to push forward seafood alternatives

Millennials may have killed big-chain restaurants like Applebees, but Generation Z, the generation that follows, is breathing life into a new crop of vegan seafood products with their zeal for environmental and social responsibility.

Exhibit A is a new algae-based shrimp alternative from California-based New Wave Foods that mimics the crustaceans’ distinctive texture and taste—with a goal of increased sustainability.

“It can take 15 years to pass policy to protect fish,” said New Wave Foods co-owner Dominique Barnes, a marine biologist who pursued social entrepreneurship as a tool to reduce fishing impacts on oceans. She and her partner, material scientist Michelle Wolf, formed the company in 2015. They now have lines of crispy, steamed, and raw shrimp products.

Their ideal customer? Food service operators.

“We are targeting food service, specifically college, university, and corporate cafeterias,” said Barnes. “There is a growing demand and awareness of food sustainability from that 18-to-24 age group,” she added.

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