Meet the new brands vying to be the Everlane of kitchenware

Material wants to be the Everlane of Kitchenwares
By Elizabeth Segran.

Good news for wedding guests everywhere. The high-end kitchenware market is in the midst of being disrupted by direct-to-consumer brands, which will hopefully make the prices of registry items a lot cheaper.

The newest entrant is Material, a just-launched kitchenware brand that wants to bring high-quality kitchen tools at more reasonable prices. A good chef’s knife from a speciality store like Sur La Table could cost upwards of $100. Blade Magazine’s Kitchen Knife of the Year, the Shun Hikari, will run you $375.  Meanwhile, Material’s knife costs $75, and a full seven-piece set costs $175–and the brand promises that its quality is comparable to the other high-end brands.

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