New smoothie startup makes morning meals a breeze
By Emily Laurence and Melisse Gelula. Source: Well+Good.

Even if you have a go-to smoothie recipe, there are some mornings when it just. doesn’t. happen. Maybe you haven’t gotten to the store for all the ingredients, maybe you’re running late (who us?), or possibly getting 10 extra minutes of sleep won out in the things-I-have-time-for battle.

That’s a problem now solved by Daily Harvest founder Rachel Drori, who’s come up with a wayfor the busy (and sleep-deprived) to get their morning smoothie fix without needing a fridge full of ingredients or time to chop and prep them.

Daily Harvest‘s cup size containers (which were designed by creative force Linda Honan, whose genius helped guide the Well+Good site redesign) come filled with organic frozen fruit and veggies, meaning they’re 100 percent ready to dump into your blender, minus any nut milk or coconut water you provide. (In other words, it’s not like Blue Apron with all the tiny packages of ingredients.)

Until now, the super convenient smoothie service has only been available in New York City, but starting June 17 they will be delivering nation-wide.

With flavors like cacao and avocado (power boosted with pea protein),  blueberry and hemp protein, and mango and camu (packed with skin-brightening vitamin C), the delicious blends are probably more creative than ones like strawberry almond butter, which you’ve probably made a million times.

And if you’re into ingredient transparency (or tend to have to tell your smoothie guy to slow down with his agave obsession), the packaging also serves as an ingredient list, with everything identified super clearly. (In fact, on a low sugar detox week, I took out the dates and saved them for another smoothie down the road.)

Oh, and another genius feature? The cup lids have a hole for your straw, so you have a to-go container ready when you’re about to run out the door. I did get some pretty envious looks on the subway… and the convenience factor of not having to wait in line at my otherwise awesome neighborhood cafe for a smoothie was priceless.

The only thing that I wish I could get with my next Daily Harvest delivery? Some super chic reusable straws.

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