Who’s Consuming Who? Corporates Are Leading The Way As M&A Booms In Consumer Goods

Hungry corporates are driving a global surge in acquisitions of consumer goods startups, led by the food & beverage and apparel segments.
By CB Insights.

The number of  M&A deals globally targeting consumer goods companies has risen consistently since 2010. At the same time, the acquirer pool is tilting dramatically, as corporations now account for the lion’s share of acquisitions whereas before private equity firms dominated in M&A.

We used our CB Insights database to put together this deep dive into acquisitions of consumer goods companies over the past ten years. This post includes data on consumer sector M&A activity over time, M&A deals by segment, acquirer types, top acquirers over time, and acquisitions of VC-backed vs. non-VC-backed companies. Scroll down to learn more.

Our consumer goods sector analysis includes companies selling consumer electronics, appliances, apparel & accessories, fitness equipment, school supplies, food, beverages, and more; it does not include service providers, pharmacies, travel companies, software platforms, gasoline, or food ingredient producers. While we focused on brands, the data also includes numerous online and offline platforms focused on specific consumer verticals. The data includes first and subsequent acquisitions of private consumer goods companies; it excludes deals in which public companies acquired other public companies.

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