Looking for artisanal wine? This wine club does the legwork for you

Vinfluence a subscription wine club startup
By Elizabeth Segran. Source: Fast Company.

The wine industry can be difficult to navigate. When you’re scanning through the hundreds of labels in the wine aisle, it’s hard to tell which ones come from large, mass-manufactured conglomerates and which come from small, sustainable, artisanal wineries.

If you’re inclined towards the latter, a new wine club called Vinfluence has your back. Founder Shannon Westfall wanted to help curate a selection of wines that were both values-driven and taste-driven. Each wine is selected based on qualities like how passionately it’s made and how sustainable the winery’s farming practices are. It also donates 20% of its proceeds to nonprofits.

The brand sends boxes of three or six wines, at $100 and $200 respectively. You can choose to receive them monthly or quarterly. Each selection comes with an in-depth booklet with tasting notes as well as stories about the people that made the wine.

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