American fast food as we know it is dying — and healthier chains may be replacing it

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By Leanna Garfield.

As more American consumers demand that their fast food incorporate more low-calorie ingredients and fresh produce, a new crop of healthy food chains is popping up around the country.

These rising companies offer nutritious dishes that are just as affordable, convenient, and tasty as the food served at chains like McDonalds and Taco Bell.

“We’re trying to take these price points and get them compatible with — or lower than — traditional drive-thru fast food, but make them organic, large portions, and accessible to everyone,” Roushan Christofellis, cofounder of a new chain called Salad and Go, told Business Insider. “Right now, organic food is very expensive and it’s only available to the few who can afford it.”

Founded in 2013, Salad and Go is a drive-thru chain that sells 48-ounce salads for $5.74. Its soups, smoothies, and breakfast all cost about $4. The chain has grown to encompass 10 locations in Arizona and plans to launch nine more in Arizona and another state by the end of next year.

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