Add Roasted Cricket Bitters to Tonight’s Cocktail

Critter Bitters

The bitters that are created by roasting crickets is launching on Kickstarter next week.

By Laura Yan.

How would you like your next whiskey cocktail with a dash of cricket? Critter Bitters are four flavors of bitters (vanilla, cacao, toasted almond, and of course, original cricket) created from roasted crickets, with corresponding coasters—you know, just in case your party guests are wondering about that mysterious last note.

Founders Julia Plevin and Lucy Knops wanted to bring the notion of edible insects to American culture. An estimated two billion people worldwide find insects edible, but it’s still considered a mostly taboo delicacy in the states (even if, in 2014, the New York Times tagged crickets as the potential ignitor of the next “quinoa-like food craze.”)

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