7 food startups that could change the way you eat

7 food startups that could change the way you eat
By Leanna Garfield.

Americans consume more meat than they used to. They drink less milk, but eat much more cheese. Grain products, like cereals and baked goods, have skyrocketed in popularity. And while the average American eats about 2% more fruits today than in the early ’70s, they also consume 2% fewer vegetables.

That’s according to a recent Pew Research report, which looked at how the average American diet has changed from 1970 to today.

The typical American meal will probably continue to change. And a growing number of food-tech startups are trying to be a part of whatever comes next.

They’re coming up with new ways to produce meat, dairy, and veggies — from growing vegetables in warehouses under LEDs to engineering meat in labs. Most are focused on the consumption of less meat and more plants, and away from traditional modes of agriculture.

Here are some of the companies leading the transformation of the food industry:

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