Glossier Is Going After New Customers With an Army of Reps

Glossier expands with Reps to help customers
By Cheryl Wishhover.

“I’m always really excited when Glossier launches a new product and it’s something I haven’t seen before,” says Emma Loughridge, 23. “I think they have a really great creative department and their marketing is really cool. It’s like nothing else.”

As one of Glossier’s 500 new reps, Loughridge is actually a part of that marketing.

Glossier, which launched two and a half years ago and which founder Emily Weiss says has tripled its growth in the last 12 months, now has 22 products, over 100 employees, 625,000 Instagram followers, and one bona fide brick-and-mortar store in New York City that gets 800 visitors each day on the weekends, with lines down the block. Weiss says that within the year, Glossier will launch products in two more categories. This growth has been helped along by $24 million in Series B funding that the company raised in November last year, bringing its total funding to over $35 million.

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