E.l.f. Cosmetics has an unlikely competitor in its former retailer, 7-Eleven

Simply Me Beauty Makeup
By Jessica Schiffer.

With the launch of its much-discussed recent entry into the cosmetics space, 7-Eleven is taking a page out of Amazon’s copycat private-label playbook.

According to Lindsey Robertson, the product development manager at 7-Eleven, it’s really an attempt to recreate the success of E.l.f. Beauty, which went public last September to the tune of $141 million.

Known for its uber-cheap pricing, with most products falling under $5, E.l.f. has garnered a rabid following among millennials and online beauty influencers including Raye Boyce and Jackie Aina. It was also one of the few national brands sold in 7-Eleven three years ago, when the brand began developing SimplyMe, the line of 40 beauty products it rolled out in late November.

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