Brandless: Clean Beauty for All

Brandless new offers clean beauty products for all
By Tina.

We brought Brandless to life on 7-11 with one ultimate goal: to democratize access to goodness. Too often, we’re forced to choose between what matters to us and what we can afford. We believe that everyone deserves better, and better shouldn’t have to cost more. So we started making better stuff for $3.

We’ve spent 3 amazing months building this #brandlesslife movement with our community of awesome strangers. And today, we’re tackling something that impacts us all: the steep prices in the beauty industry. When it comes to beauty products, the BrandTax™—those hidden markups that come with having a big-name brand on the label—skyrockets, sometimes over 300%. And while we love that so many people are talking about clean beauty these days, we hate that cleaner so often means even more expensive.

So we’re making clean beauty accessible to everyone. Our new Brandless Beauty & Personal Care Collection has all of the essential items you use every day, all for just $3. They’re free of ingredients like sulfates, phosphates, and parabens, as well as cruelty-free. Equally important? They all work great, smell great, and feel great—from our Moisturizing Shampooto our detoxifying Facial Cleanser to our soothing Body Wash.

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