Could weed be the next frontier of fashion?

Will cannabis be the next trend in fashion
By Jessica Shiffer.

Fashion has never been one to shy away from scenes considered edgy or fringe, which could make it the perfect partner for the growing cannabis industry.

As the legalization of marijuana continues to spread — 25 states now allow medical marijuana, while seven states have recreational marijuana laws either implemented or underway — a handful of designers have started looking to weed culture for inspiration. Some, like Palm Angels and Sundae School, have founded their brands on the so-called “puffer lifestyle,” while others, including Alexander Wang, Creatures of the Wind and Jacquie Aiche, have begun sprinkling their otherwise-unrelated collections with weed references.

“Fashion and cannabis have an almost symbiotic relationship,” said Matt Rizzetta, the chief executive officer of North 6th Agency, a communications firm that represents a host of clients in the legal cannabis space. “I think it could be a very good match for the right type of fashion brand and the right type of cannabis brand — those that are promoting the same type of message to similar audiences.”

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