Unfortunately, This New Underwear May Just Save Your Life

Saturday Morning launches briefs to help save lives
By Jeff Beer.

Hey man, put your hands up. Higher! On your head. What do people see? First, a man about to be arrested and second, unless you’re wearing a suit, the waistband of your boxers. It’s that small detail, that simple insight that has led to a new line of men’s underwear called Peace Briefs.

Back at the Cannes Lions Festival in June, Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners executive creative director Keith Cartwright, CAA creative executive Geoff Edwards, and Twitter’s in-house global group creative director Jayanta Jenkins announced the launch of Saturday Morning, an organization aimed at inspiring, encouraging, and facilitating a creative response to societal problems around diversity and inclusion. The first challenge they issued was to find a creative way to address this challenge: The police and the community they serve–how do we reduce the violence?

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