Why Thinx Is Using a PMS Truck to Grow Its Customer Base

Thinx using PMS truck to grow customer base
By Katie Richards.

Whether you menstruate or not, you’ve probably heard of Thinx, the period-friendly underwear for humans with periods. The brand’s striking subway ads in New York made headlines, both for their taboo nature and their diversity.  In other parts of the country, however, Thinx isn’t quite as well known—but their new traveling “fearless bleeding” PMS truck may change that.

Thinx collaborated with industrial and experiential design company Visibility to create a PMS truck that is in the process of visiting a total of three cities: Chicago, Denver and Dallas. Over four days, visitors can step inside the truck and shop for Thinx products, learn more about the brand and participate in a handful of daily activities–from one-on-one meetings with a period specialist to happy hours to Yoni breathing sessions.

“We are not just a company that is trying to sell our product,” Thinx CEO Maria Molland Selby said. “We are trying to actually educate all types of women with periods in terms of health and wellness associated with our product. We’re an underwear company, but we are also an education company.”

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