Thinx just got a new CEO. Here’s what she wants to accomplish in her role

Maria Molland Selby is Thinkx new CEO
By Zameena Mejia.

Thinx, the feminine hygiene company behind the eponymous leak-proof underwear brand, is preparing for a fresh start as it welcomes Maria Molland Selby as its new CEO.

Selby, 43, has spent nearly half of her life working in e-commerce marketplaces and digital media and data companies, including stints at Splacer, eBay, Thomson Reuters, Dow Jones and Yahoo!, among other firms.

She tells CNBC Make It that working for Thinx, currently at 35 employees, marks the first time in her career where she truly cares about the company’s mission, its foundation and its impact on the world.

Selby says that Thinx “will make the world a better place,” which is a prime reason she joined the company. “I love being a part of that,” Selby says. “I believe so much in the product and where it can go.”

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