Inside the rise of gender-fluid fashion

Fashion embraces genderless apparel
By Jill Manoff.

Given fashion’s reputation for slow evolution, its recent embracing of gender inclusivity may seem out of left field. However, the industry has had decades to warm up to the idea.

Just this week, Amazon Fashion announced a partnership with September’s London Fashion Week: 60-minute delivery of a unisex collection. What’s more, Vogue’s August cover aimed to celebrate gender fluidity, and according to a diversity report by The Fashion Spot, the most recent New York Fashion Week featured a record number of transgender models: 12.

“It started with Marlene Dietrich, who was buying suits from her husband’s tailor and wearing them in Hollywood in the 1930s,” said Vogue contributing editor André Leon Talley, on a recent call. (He was fresh from a trip to the Midwest, where he had styled a fashion show — titled “Fluid Fashion 18” — for the St. Louis Fashion Fund.)

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