Mens activewear startup Pistol Lake raises $600K from Slow Ventures

Pistol Lake raises $600K from Slow Ventures
By Ryan Lawler.

Los Angeles-based Pistol Lake has developed what it thinks could be the next thing in men’s activewear — a line of shirts and other products made with new fabric that could be worn at the gym or out and about. To fund the next evolution of its product expansion, the company has raised $600,000 in new funding.

Pistol Lake was founded in 2012 by brothers Will and James Sulinski, along with Andrew Kneisley, and the company has spent the last several years experimenting with different styles and types of fabric.

While it started with just two products — a crew-neck t-shirt and a v-neck t-shirt — over time Pistol Lake has added a variety of long- and short-sleeve henleys, hoodies and sweatshirts. To date, it’s funded new product categories mostly through crowdfunding campaigns.

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