Ministry of Supply now lets you 3D-print customized garments in store while you wait

Ministry of Supply offers 3d printed personalized clothing at boston store
By Elizabeth Segran. Source: Fast Company.

Technically, it’s more like print-knitting. Customers visiting Ministry of Supply‘s flagship store in Boston can personalize a garment—picking colors, buttons, and cuffs—that will be 3D printed in front of them from start to finish as they wait.

In addition to being a fun experience, the 3D-printing technology is less wasteful since it is printed in a single piece, thereby eliminating 30% of fabric that is usually thrown out in the traditional cut-and-sew process. Each item is made on demand, cutting out many layers in the supply chain.

As I’ve reported before, Ministry of Supply operates much more like a tech company than a fashion label. Before launching a new product, it goes through plenty of product testing and then constantly redesigns products based on customer feedback. It also tries to incorporate the latest technology into garments and manufacturing. If this new 3D printer is a success, Ministry of Supply will roll it out in all nine of its retail locations.

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