Mac & Mia puts the fun back into the baby boutique shopping experience

Mac & Mia making shopping fun
By Elizabeth Segran. Source: Fast Company.

The marketplace abounds with cute baby boutiques. In addition to large brands like Jacadi and Petit Bateau, there’s a host of smaller brands, like Lali and Petit Peony. The problem is that buying fancy baby clothes in a store is a huge nightmare: it’s hard maneuvering a stroller in a boutique and there’s no way your child will cooperate with trying outfits on.

Mac & Mia, a styling service for parents, is one answer to this problem. Parents can describe their aesthetic preferences and receive a box of curated clothes in the mail, that they can buy or send back for free. “Many of these new children’s brands are founded by women entrepreneurs,” founder and CEO, Marie Tillman says. “We’re just as excited about helping these brands as we are helping parents navigate the shopping process.”

Outsourcing kids clothing shopping is now a trend, with brands like Rockets of Awesome and Kidbox, offering similar a service.

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