Knixwear’s teen line aims to make girls the bosses of their periods

Knix wear teen line lets girls take charge of their periods
By Courtney Greenberg.

When Joanna Griffiths launched Toronto-based Knixwear in 2013 her products were considered taboo. Absorbent panties designed for women to wear during their periods instead of pads or tampons were hard for buyers to wrap their heads around.

“I think we were maybe a little bit ahead of the time in terms of messaging . . . Over the past couple years, periods and this whole topic has had a movement and has really made its way into the mainstream,” 33-year-old Griffiths said.

Initially, she marketed her brand as “activewear” because of the lack of openness when discussing periods with buyers and the restrictive, sometimes negative, language associated with menstruation.

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