Sales at Knix Wear triple after the Thinx scandal

Knix Wear sales triple in wake of Thinkx scandal
By Elizabeth Segran. Source: Fast Company.

In the wake of allegations that founder and former CEO Miki Agrawal bullied and even sexually harassed employees, sales at Canadian competitor Knix Wear have shot up. A representative from Knix Wear says that the company has seen a more than 300% increase in sales on its leakproof product line in the weeks since the news broke on March 14, 2017. The brand had its highest online sales day on March 26, beating out it Cyber Monday sales significantly: In fact, it sold more in that 24-hour period than the entire month of March the previous year. Then brand is now sold out of 80% of its sizes and styles, and is quickly trying to restock.

Knix Wear launched on Indiegogo in 2013 and Thinx was founded a year later. Both created leakproof underwear for women with periods, but Thinx quickly eclipsed Knix Wear with louder, farther-reaching marketing campaigns and media coverage. This created tension between the brands. When Noreen Malone wrote a cover story about Thinx in New York magazine, Knix Wear founder Joanna Griffith wrote the following comment,

“As someone who owns a competing brand to Thinx….and has been around for the same amount of time. I just have two requests for Miki/Thinx. 1) Please stop pretending like you are the only game in town, because you are not and 2) Please stop trash talking other brands. As you and I talked about 2 years ago…We are creating a category…But when you are constantly trash talking the other products on the market it is bad for the category. I applaud your boldness and the way that you have grown your brand, but this particular tactic I have a major issue with.”

Meanwhile, Agrawal was asked on a Freakonomics Radio program that aired March 1 whether Thinx was the first brand to market period underwear, she said, “There were a few mom-and-pop versions, but we were effectively the first.”

Knix Wear has since pivoted from being an exclusively period-focused underwear brand to being athletics focused.

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