This Hoodie Is Built To Last 100 Years–Or At Least Outlast You

Vollebak created long lasting hoodie
By Mark Wilson.

“We dragged it at high speeds behind a 4×4 and motorbike on dirt tracks, through rivers, over roads and gravel. We towed it behind a speedboat, dried it with a blowtorch, and basically exposed it to the harshest possible treatment. While the tests killed our Special Forces tactical rope, the hoodie was fine.”

That’s Steve Tidball, talking about his company’s latest extreme fashion invention: the 100 Year Hoodie ($295). Created by the artisanal athletic wear brand Vollebak–makers of both the most relaxing sweatshirt on earth, and the most visible running jacket that the human eye can see–the 100 Year Hoodie appears to be a perfectly pedestrian hoodie available in charcoal or yellow. In fact, it’s woven from a Kevlar knit–a plush version of the super material used in armored vehicles and motorcycle racing suits.

“If you didn’t know what the hoodie was made of you’d think you were wearing a soft cotton sweatshirt,” says Tidball.

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