Good maternity underwear is elusive: Underclub will help you find it

Underclass adds maternity underwear to their online shop
By Elizabeth Segran. Source: Fast Company.

The underwear market has been exploding, as I’ve reported before. Online underwear startups keep popping up, giving consumers more options than ever before—but it can be hard to wade through all these brands to find the best product for you. Katie Fritts, founder of Underclub, wanted to solve this problem with a monthly subscription program that helps women discover new underwear brands.

Today, she’s adding maternity underwear to the mix. Pregnant women have very specific underwear needs. The elastic band must be flexible to accommodate a growing belly and the gusset must be more absorbent to deal with discharge. But for pregnant women dealing with morning sickness and other discomforts, underwear is usually the last thing on their minds. “We’re trying to make pregnancy easier for women,” Fritts says. “Instead of being a burden, we want to make finding underwear fun—delightful even.”

Women can now buy “maternity bundles” on the Underclub website, or sign up for monthly deliveries of maternity undies.

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