Glossy Podcast: Negative Underwear’s Marissa Vosper

Glossy Podcast Negative Underwear with founder Marissa Vosper
By Hilary Milnes.

When drawing out the business plans for their lingerie brand Negative Underwear, co-founders Marissa Vosper and Lauren Schwab didn’t set out to built a feminist company.

“We didn’t necessarily start this company with a very feminist mission,” said Vosper. “But I think that’s part of our DNA.”

Negative Underwear launched online almost four years ago as an anti-Victoria’s Secret, a market positioning that has become popular among digital-born lingerie brands that have realized women want more from their undergarments than enough padding to grow two cup sizes. Vosper said she welcomes the competition, as it means more options in a space that has traditionally been lacking.

“There’s been a change in the industry, and you can see it in Victoria’s Secret’s financials,” she said.

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