Evelyn & Bobbie is working to totally reinvent the bra

How Evelyn & Bobbie are reinventing the bra
By Elizabeth Segran. Source: Fast Company.

One word: underwire. This awful u-shaped piece of metal was invented in the 1930s as a way to keep women’s breasts in place. The construction of the bra hasn’t changed much over the last 84 years.

Bree McKeen, founder and CEO of Evelyn & Bobbie, is hoping to make women’s lives better with a bra that doesn’t rely on underwire to keep it in place. Right now, straps are required to keep a bra in place, but they put stress on a woman’s shoulders and back. The bra that McKeen has invented uses high-tech material, generally used in aerospace or athletic shoes, that lifts and supports the breasts from the core and evenly distributes the weight. It is designed to stay in place without any straps or sticky silicone.

However, we’ll have to wait to see exactly how effective this technology is. The company will begin releasing products in the fall, but for now, early adopters can order the bras on Kickstarter for $88, which is $100 less than their retail price. The bras will come in a wide range of colors, to match different skin tones.

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