Entrepreneur’s mission: make a more comfortable bra

Kinxwear: mission to make the most comfortable bra
By Tracey Lindeman.

When Joanna Griffiths started her leak-proof underwear company Knixwear Inc. in 2012, her original plan was to expand her product line into yoga pants. As it turned out, customers were already pretty happy with their yoga-pants options.

But there was one thing women were completely dissatisfied with: their bras.

Specifically, women hate the underwire inside many bras – that thin piece of metal under the breasts that provides lift and support, but which also digs into wearers’ skin, often leaving welts.

As a woman, Ms. Griffiths knew that discomfort intimately. As an entrepreneur, she knew that making a wireless bra would be extraordinarily technically challenging.Knixw

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