Retail startup specializing in custom-tailored suits chooses Seattle, a land of flannel and rain parkas

At Indochino, A Retail Model Built to Order
By John Cook.

Walk the streets of Seattle, and you’ll quickly realize that it’s not a town known for fashion. Flannels, hoodies and rain parkas rule the day, and at most tech companies it seems T-shirts are the standard uniform.

But, despite those (very true) stereotypes, one upstart fashion company feels it can make its mark in the rainy city.

Indochino, which hails from the fashionistas up north in Vancouver, B.C., has picked Seattle for its latest “Made for You” retail shopping experience. The new 4,371 square-foot store will open at 1801 5th Avenue on November 10th in an old suit store and former dance studio, with the goal of helping the “next generation of Seattleites” find affordable and nice-fitting clothing.

Will grungy Seattleites welcome this fashion-forward transplant?

Indochino CEO Drew Green thinks so.

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