Here’s How Chubbies is Investing in a Nation for eCommerce Success

By eTail West.

When the four founders of US-based retro shorts retailers Chubbies graduated from university, they worried for the traditional lazy weekends of their youth. It seemed with the working week getting progressively longer, there was less time for people to relax and do the things they enjoyed, instead being forced to settle for extra helpings of work pressures and stress.

“The weekend has definitely become endangered,” co-founder Tom Montgomery bemoans. “Are there bigger problems on Earth? Absolutely. But it really bothers me that people are constantly frustrated and stressed, and not taking time to relax and care for themselves.”

The connection was made between carefree youthful exuberance and the wearing of shorts – shorts being the casual antithesis to the smart pairs of pants most working people must wear. And so Chubbies was born. After some initial success selling shorts out of backpacks, Chubbies was ready to take the act online, and subsequently opened its ecommerce store with Shopify.

“We wanted to sell our lifestyle to people,” Montgomery says. “When we decided to start this business, we wanted to sell the notion of fun and embody that in every pair of shorts we sold. […] We saw an intense reaction, we sold out quickly and afterward people were offering to trade their shorts for the ones we were wearing.”

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