Brotailers Are Redefining How Guys Buy Clothes


Brotailers, like Chubbies and Bonobos, are part of a growing industry of menswear innovators.

By Sam Grobart.

On a cloudless, 70F February morning in San Francisco, wild parrots fly from branch to branch on Telegraph Hill, and on the exposed, winding Filbert Street steps below, an adult man is dressed in a gorilla suit, throwing empty plastic water jugs at a half-dozen costumed grown-ups. For safety, they’ve put on red helmets, an “M” above the brim. Some have fake mustaches; others have real ones. They’re all wearing shorts.

Inside the gorilla suit is Grant Marek, editorial director of Chubbies, retailer of brightly colored shorts with thigh-baring hemlines—motto: “Sky’s out. Thighs out”—and producer of extremely popular online re-creations of retro video games. Today, Marek and his fellow Chubbies staffers, modern-day Marios, are shooting a real-life version of the Nintendo classic Donkey Kong. The video’s shaky camerawork—a generous term, given the use of GoPros and selfie sticks—and near-absence of product close-ups would get an F in Commercial Directing 101, but the Chubtendo squad doesn’t care.

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