Clothing brand Brass is out to change officewear for women

Brass changing work wear for Women
By Bethany Biron,

Shortly after Katie Doyle and Jay Adams began offering in-person styling services for their online clothing company, Brass, they noticed an influx of shoppers candidly sharing their challenges dressing as modern women in the workplace.

During the course of many one-on-one fit sessions Brass started in January, Doyle and Adams listened as women spoke openly about dressing to adhere to nebulous office dress codes or searching for work-appropriate attire best conducive to pumping breast milk on their lunch breaks. Multiple women expressed concerns of giving off the wrong impression if a garment is too tight, while others explained they felt more anxious about what to wear while giving a presentation to a room of men than the presentation itself.

The duo, who have been friends since high school, weren’t completely surprised about what they were hearing. Brass was founded in 2014 out of the frustrations held by Doyle and Adams to find well-made work clothes that were stylish, affordable and, most importantly, not from fast fashion chains. Brass operates on a model of ethical work practices and sourcing protocols, with the aim to create garments that aren’t disposable. Its primary mission is to help dress upwardly mobile women trying to advance their careers.

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