Swimsuit shopping sucks: Andie is changing the model

Andie wants to change the way women buy their swimsuits
By Elizabeth Segran. Source: Fast Company.

New Yorkers Melanie Travis and Tess De Paula hated shopping for swimwear. “Undressing in a tiny, poorly lit changing room and squeezing into skimpy bathing suits was not my idea of a good time,” De Paula says.

So they’re trying to radically change the model. Today, they launch Andie, a new brand that offers only three obsessively designed one-piece swimsuits. They spent months culling data from 500 women to come up with designs that would suit as many body types as possible. And importantly, they mail all three suits to customers so they can try them on from the comfort of their homes. Each suit costs $125, but the price goes down if you buy two or three.

The products are sewn in a women-owned factory in L.A. using fabrics made in North Carolina. “The factory pays fair wages, and offers sick leave and paid time off,” says Travis. “As we walked the floor, the sunlight just splashed across the sewing machines. Not to sound too corny, but it was just nice and pleasant.”

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