Women are buying their own jewelry and brands are taking notice

brands are noticing that woman are buying their own jewelry
By Jessica Schiffer.

In the last three months the Lyst marketplace has sold thousands of the fashion-industry favorite Sophie Bille Brahe’s Lyra ring. While not noteworthy in itself, the ring’s pricetag of $4,522 makes it an unusual pattern. “That’s a pretty large purchase to make for yourself, and online,” noted Lyst’s public relations director, Sarah Tanner.

After digging into it more, the company found that the bulk of those purchases — 85 percent to be exact — were made by women.

It’s a trend that seems unsurprising at the outset — women buy jewelry! — but for those in the industry, it marks a shift. For years, expensive jewelry was bought by men, mostly around holidays like Valentine’s Day, which meant both brands and marketplaces focused marketing attention around male consumers, rather than female.

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