Warby Parker Co-Founder: What Would Really Help America’s Startups

Dave Gilboa talks about what American Startups need in a Trump American
By Diana Ransom.

President Trump‘s latest executive order that would limit who may enter the U.S. doesn’t cite Stockholm or its residents, but that doesn’t make Dave Gilboa–a Swede by birth–any less concerned.

“Obviously, Sweden is not one of the countries on the list, but I think what makes this country great is that it has been so inclusive overtime,” said the Warby Parker co-founder and co-CEO, in a wide-ranging Inc. live chat on Wednesday.

“As we look around our company, one of the reasons we have been successful is that we have a lot of diversity on the team, in every sense of the word.”

What’s Gilboa’s advice for Trump, ahead of this week’s ‘Tech Week,’ which is expected to involve giant-company execs like Apple’s Tim Cook and high-profile venture capitalists? Stop trying to curb immigration to the U.S.

“This type of thinking–and potentially policy making–is a step in the wrong direction and something that goes against my personal values [and] our core values as a company,” Gilboa told Inc. “It hits close to home.”

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