How Warby Parker Reinvented The Eye Test

How Warby Parker Reinvented The Eye Test

“One advantage of Warby Parker having a direct relationship with customers is that we get feedback and can move quickly,” said co-CEO Dave Gilboa during the 2017 Fast Company Innovation Festival. “They’ve told us that it’s inconvenient and annoying to get a new prescription to get a new pair of glasses.” As the fast-growing eyewear startup dug into the issue, Gilboa and company realized that the process of getting a new glasses prescription is actually “pretty antiquated,” as he puts it.

“We realized that we could use tech to make the experience newer, better, and faster,” Gilboa says.

Warby Parker already offers comprehensive eye exams in 13 of 60-plus locations, but the company came to appreciate that being able to offer a computer-vision test via an app that could address customers who just need an up-to-date prescription, for example, could dramatically increase its potential customer base. As Gilboa explains, typically optometrists see 59% of their revenue from selling glasses, so they’re highly incentivized not to let a customer walk out the door with a prescription to be filled by Warby Parker. Meanwhile, 110 million Americans get an eye exam annually at an average of $50 a test, says David Rose, Warby Parker’s VP of vision technology.

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